Tuesday, January 25, 2011

David Hockney's art

instead of thinking about a studio or art shack at the mountain cabin, maybe I should simply get the "Brushes app" for my iPad ......

But, I don't think so.......

Enthralled with the Lake!

It may be too early to begin biking here!

I saw this ponderosa pine with
gaping hole near our cabin.

Art Exhibit in San Francisco

As I balance my life between the cabin in the mountains and home/studio in Apple Valley, I seek inspiration from many sources: and often that means seeing other artist's work. I have always admired Robert Brady's work. He taught sculpture at CSU Sacramento for many years and has very successfully worked in different mediums. During the holidays, we saw his latest show at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery in SF. I am intrigued by his use of wood in creating these long-limbed, Giacometti-like figures.

Now, don't be surprised if I put all my driftwood, metal, clay, and stone together to make my own sculptures. And it won't be cheating because as Picasso said, " Good artists copy, great artists steal."

Images from Big Bear Lake

Easter Island??? NO!! I saw this stone monolith on our hike up Gray's Peak near Big Bear Lake. I like the wry smile..

Big Bear Lake begins to thaw after an unusually
warm spell in January

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Very Happy New Year!

My artwork was interrupted in December from the storms (over 6 inches of rain in Apple Valley) and my new obsession: our getaway cabin in Fawnskin on the shores of Big Bear Lake (only an hour drive from Apple Valley).
I'm still trying to figure out how to build a small art shack/ studio here at the cabin!